• What is Honey Max?

    Honey Max is a combination of all things sweet, decidant, and delicious. And all things climax, including yours. Honey is our way of sweetening up your climax with the best collection of curated sex toys and tools.

  • What we do

    We supply a variety of sex toys for men, women, and couples. We make and source all the best unique, quality made and effective toys for our valued customers, browse our full collection now. We also have an advertising and promotion division opening soon! 

"At Honey Max, we're about so much more than just improving your climax."

Liv and Naomi

  • noun: honey;

    definition: a sweet, sticky fluid made by bees, collected from flowers

  • noun: climax;

    definition: the most intense, exciting, or important point of something; the culmination

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Our story

Joy comes from connection. Whether its with people, places or nature itself, connection is what keeps humans going. What feeds hope, humanity and all things in between. It can make your day or break your heart, but it can also build worlds and change them. Chilhood friends, Naomi and Olivia have known each other for many years. Growing up in rural New Zealand, friendship is sometimes all you have to entertain yourself throughout the days. Connecting with friends and nature, enjoying each others company and experiencing life together.

These two girls have spent countless summers, winters, ups, downs and everything in between, together. They met as young teens and hit it off immediately. Initially being introduced through Olivia’s younger sister, they felt an instant connection which is when a great and long friendship began! Many ideas are shared throughout a friendship. An idea to go to a party, or to the beach. An idea for dinner or what you should make together for lunch. Passions and dreams are discussed between each other and more ideas are formed. This is where entrepreneurial spirit thrives! Both Naomi and Olivia share this spirit and within that space is where HoneyMax was created. 

“We wanted to create a space where the sweet, smooth, sticky experience of Honey meets the ultimate climax. HoneyMax. When creating our brand we thought these two went hand in hand, which is where we dreamt up Honey… Max…”

An orgasm is a very important part of life. Your sexual journey is going to shape a lot of who you are, where you take yourself and who you take along for that ride. The human anatomy was created with certian pleasure points, this also extends to your mind. Things like a delicious pasta meal, or your favorite chocolate, they bring pleasure. Sharing an intimate connection with your partner, also brings a lot of pleasure. There is often a whiff of stigma surrounding pleasure in the sexual sense. People can feel embarrassed, or uncomfortable sharing their deepest desires even with initmate partners. We want to end that stigma, and bring back the sweetness of pleasure.

Naomi and Liv have spent many hours, months and years crafting this lifestyle brand they feel is close to perfect. With discretion, intimacy, pleasure and the high end of life in mind, they created this space for all to cum and enjoy themselves. Always being open to feedback and growth is so important to us here at Honey Max, so we ask that you always communicate with us any needs you have as it is our wish to carve a perfect experience for these intimate moments. Both Naomi and Olivia share a great passion for customer experience and thought with this passion and their unbreakable duo, why not get into the most intimate experience of selling adult toys. 

We ask that you please sit back, relax and open your mind to a new sexual journey for yourself, or for you and your partner together. Let us take you on a carefully curated journey where you can find all your heart, head and body desires, in one place. Welcome to the HoneyMax family and thank you for choosing us to help you climax. 

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